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Expanding EC2 instance storage

By default the Ubuntu EC2 instance comes with 8GB of attached storage. Expanding this does result in a small amount of downtime, as there is no way of doing it on the fly.

First,  in the EC2 Management Console create a snapshot of the current volume attached to the instance.

Click on ‘volumes’ and right click on the current volume that appears in the list. Next select ‘Create snapshot’.  Give it a name and description.

Next, create a new volume with plenty of hard drive space!

Click on the ‘create volume button at the top of the screen’ using the following info:

Volume type: standard

Availability zone: eu-west-1c

Snapshot – {select the snapshot you just made}

Next you have to detach the current volume from the current instance and attach the new volume to the current instance. To do this,  click on ‘Instances’ in the left nav and right click on the current instance. Select stop and then detach network interface. Then attach the new volume you created by right clicking on the instance and selecting attach network interface. When attaching the new volume make sure this is entered in the input box:


Restart the instance.

Finally you must reattach the ip address.  Click on Elastic IPs in the left hand nav and right click on the IP address you want. Select associate and select the current instance.

Wait a few minuets and the server should now be up and running.