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Shred, Lies and Videotape is go for more action at the end of a wintry month of January, as we are pleased to announce the 9th episode of the UK’s only dedicated freestyle podcast hit the internet!

This episode we’ve got a banquet of radness for you to cram onto your multimedia device and caress you eye lobes when you have the urge for a shred fix.

First up, we have some awesome footage from the Burton Scrap Metal last year…yeah you’ve probably seen the edit from Burton, but this is all new footage and has been very finely crafted by Kieron Howard into 3 minutes of fabulous eye candy, and is essential viewing if you missed the event.

Secondly, we’ve got a collection of footage from Transform Gloves, featuring rider Jon “Feesh” Weatherley, in fine form from last season…you might have seen this one too, but it’s bangin so we had to put it in.

And then finally, Jack Ougton is a mini ripper with some fine skills and he’s got a section of SLV all to himself! Enjoy his vault of trick flip spinning as he take on the Tamworth Snowdome park.

Look out for the record breaking Tenth Episode of SLV this February! It’s going to be insane!

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